Animal Assisted Interventions

The benefits derived from the human-animal bond are well known. There are many reasons to integrate animals into the protocols treatment centers, or into the educational and/or health programs of sectors that require special assistance. These include prisons, geriatric residences, or schools for children with special needs.

Close association with domestic animals is related to feelings of tranquillity and relaxation, as well as to reduced heart rate or blood pressure. The research shows this! The presence of a dog is also associated with increased social interaction, they act as a social catalyst in various settings, individually or in groups.

At Associacio Canuck we practice AAI with dogs. Our dogs – our best friends – are trained to visit your institution to the benefit of all persons associated with the AAI project.

We work with people in prisons, nursing homes, public and private schools, special-education schools, mental-health institutions, and juvenile detention centres.

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